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Bully CR-132 Chevrolet Hitch Cover

CR132 Chevrolet Hitch Cover

chevy owners will like to go nuts for the CR-132 Chevrolet Hitch! 0757558191321 is the bar code for this item. These accessories is available in chrome/gold. One of the key features is the bully's 1-year limited warranty with normal use. Other highlights consist of fits 2 inch receivers, chevrolet emblem covers basic hitch and triple chromed die-cast finish. The Chevy accessory dimensions are 2" Height x 10" Length x 6" Width and weighs something like 1 lbs. Searching for chrome/gold, CR132 Chevrolet Hitch Cover. For additional details on this accessory, visit our store button on this page.


Model: CR-132
UPS: 757558191321
Color: Chrome/gold
Package Quantity: 1

The Bully Chrome Hitch cover is actually a triple-chromed die-cast Chevrolet hitch cover. This is triple chrome plated and is not entirely Chrome Silver in color. It fits most standard 2 inch receivers and features a 1-year limited warranty.


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