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Proform 66901 Crank Shaft Turning Socket For Chevy

66901 Crank Shaft Turning Socket

You like the Chevy demonstrate it wth a Brand New Proform 66901 Crank Shaft Turning Socket For Chevy! In my opinion, you will love that the item includes 1. 255 inside diameter with a 3/16" keyway. Other features consist of use 1/2" breaker bar or drive ratchet and non-marring aluminum. Product# 66901. It's dimensions are 6" Height x 7.5" Length x 6" Width, select the weblink below.


Model: 66901
UPS: 037995669011
Package Quantity: 1

This Crank Shaft Turning Socket by Proform is developed from non-marring aluminum with an 1. Turning your crankshaft can be completed with socket plus a 1/2"breaker bar or drive ratchet. Fits Chevy small blocks, I V6 and GM 4-cylinder engines. 255 inside diameter. When your harmonic balancer is off, place this socket more than the finish with the crankshaft with a 3/16"keyway.


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